This pump is for the diesel transfer. It is connected in 230 VAC network. This pump is self suction, eccentric with self adjusting blades. It is suitable for the agricultural, building and industrial uses. It has recirculation bypass valve. Its motor has ventilator. Suction capacity 2,5 m from all type of tanks.

Liquids: Diesel

AG-88 (0,74 kW) 230 VAC 80-100 l/min

  1. Self-suction, self-priming, Eccentric of self-adjusting blades
  2. Motor: 0,74 kW 230 VAC 50 Hz single-phase, self-ventilate
  3. Connection through F1" (BSP) threads or flanges
  4. 3 m electric cable with homologated plug
  5. With recirculation bypass
  6. Suction: 5 m . Delivery: 30 m
  7. Free flow: 80-100 l/min
  8. Consumption: 3,5-6 A
  9. 1.500 rpm
  10. With thermal protector
  11. S1 continuous duty
  12. IP-55 protection
  13. ON/OFF luminous switch


Aluminium KIT F1"

Special aluminium flange for the quick coupling of the pump and/or the tube in any type of installation.



Liquids: Diesel Petrol Urea
MG-80 MECHANICAL 10-90 L/MIN +/-1%

  1. Fireproof measuring chamber with oscillant disc
  2. Flow: 10-90l/min
  3. Accuracy: +/- 1%
  4. Partial indicator of 3 digits and totalizer of 6 digits
  5. Maximum operation pressure: 3,5bar
  6. Polyamide + Fibreglass housing
  7. Connection 1" GAS (BSP) with 3 inlets and 2 outlets
  8. It is supplied with 2 additional Male/Female 1" GAS (BSP) adapters (other threads under order). The 1" GAS (BSP) red adapter has built-in the filtersieve of 352 micron.
  9. It is suitable for hydrocarbon liquid (please, consult other liquids)
  10. For private use, not suitable for fiscal operations

Optional Accesories

Special plastic flange with 50% of fiberglass to be adapted to our meters, both mechanical an electronic meters, to pumps and/or pipes. It is optionally supplied with STAINLESS filter-sieve of 352 micron to avoid the impurities entry in the meter interior.

  1. Filter FUP-1 FF1" GAS (BSP) of 352 micron
  2. M1" short union flange kit in PA+Fibreglass
  3. M1" long union flange kit in PA+Fibreglass
  4. Filter-sieve of 352 micron diameter 33mm
  5. MM1" brass union
  6. MF1" PA+fibreglass adapter with BSP short thread
  7. MF1" PA+fibreglass adapter with BSP long thread
  8. NBR diameter 24x3,5 joint
  9. MF1" PA+fibreglass adapter with BSP short thread with STAINLESS 352 micron sieve





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