About us

PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo [Engineering Division] is an engineering company that is mainly concentrates on filtration, lubrication, hydraulic and engineering services. Established on May 2012, we dedicate our vision and mission to filtration, lubrication, engineering and hydraulic system. As a new division in a fast growing company that is known as a specialist in lubrication, filtration, engineering and hydraulic systems for mining and industrial application, PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo [Engineering Division] 'established itself' as the best provider.

To ensure quality development, we are fully supported by facilities and infrastructure, advanced technologies with the high quality human resources. We continue to thrive and fulfil customer satisfaction and quality for implementing sustainable productivity. With reference to customer satisfaction, high quality products, on time product delivery and competitive prices, we believe that PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo [Engineering Division] will be able to establish itself as the best provider of filtration, lubrication, engineering and hydraulic systems.


Custom Filter

SS304L Pleated Filter Cartridge High Efficiency Min. Pressure Drops Large surface Area High Flow Rate East to installation Superior Solids Holding Capacity

Smart Fill

The SmartFill GEN 2 system will also ensure fuel never runs short. Every night it completes a tank dip and by integrating with Geogiou Group’s internal procurement system - eProcurement - if levels dr

Fatigue Sensor

Driver Fatigue early warning system MR688 is developed by Hao Nai Industrial Co., Ltd. It uses automotive-grade image sensors, which capture infrared images of people, and a Pentium II high-speed digi





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