Electric Fuel Filtration

Electric fuel filtration has a function as is designed for fuel transferring process up to 80 Lpm. Electric Fuel Filtration main purposes to increase the fuel cleanliness, before the customer use the fuel for their equipment. The Pump transfers the fuel from the Source to the final tank. When the fuel transferred by Pump, it will have preliminary filtration process by strainer. Large particle contaminant will be stopped at the strainer before it comes into the pump. So, it will minimize the number contaminants that potentially cause to break or damage the pump.

For secondary filtration processes, serve to remove, dissolved water, dust, dirt and other contaminants found in all diesel fuel. There are two stage filters on secondary filtration. Stage-1 serve to removing solid contaminants such as dirt, rust, pipe scale and other types of solids from fuels, and stage-2 serve to separate dissolved water from diesel fuel.

Main Equipment

  1. Flow meter Gespasa MG-80A
    • Made of aluminium and high quality plastic materials.
    • Flow: 10-90 l/min, Accuracy: ?1 %
    • Partial indicator of 3 digits and totalizer of 6 digits
    • Maximum operation pressure: 5 bar
    • Resistance pressure: 15 bar
    • Maximum temperature: 60 ?C, Minimum temperature: -10 ?C
    • Polyamide + Fiberglass housing
    • Inlet/outlet Connections: 1" GAS (BSP)
    • Inlet connection through threads or flanges
  2. Parker Filtration FBO 14

    The secondary filtration using Parker FBO 14 with 10 ?m, 25 ?m and Parker FBO 14 filters are designed for gasoline, diesel, bio-fuels (biodiesel & ethanol), fuel, hydraulic and industrial fluids, gear oils and most synthetic fluids. For particulate and water removal, Parker FBO 14 filtration offers your best choice of options for fuel filtration.

  3. Test point

    Incorporates sample point access port. Allows for (in operation) oil sampling after filtration process.

  4. Electric Fuel Pump 80 LPM


Merk : Gear pump
Design : Petro land
Model : PM40
Size : In 11/2" / 11/2"; NPT port
Capacity : 80 LPM (4.8 m3/jam)
Power motor : 1.5 KW/4P/380V/3ph/50hz





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