Bulk Filtration System

Bulk Filtration System

The BULK FILTRATION SYSTEM is a fully integrated fuel decontamination solution for cleaning fuels of water and particle pollutants. It is designed to be a 'single pass' process, cleaning fuels as they are either transferred from storage to storage or from storage to usage point. (Vehicle, gen-set, compressor, etc)

The BULK FILTRATION SYSTEM uses three stages of cleaning: magnetic screen (larger solid particles), coalescence purifier (water separation) and traditional element filters (fine dust particles). Using the BULK FILTRATION SYSTEM as designed will help reduce engine breakdown and component wear associated with dirty fuel usage caused by inferior original fuel quality, substandard storage facilities or poor fluid transfer management.

Bulk Filtration System


Length : 2410mm
Width : 1500mm
Height : 1570mm
Approximate weight (total) : 1500kg
Fuel type : Diesel Fuel
Flow rate : 500 LPM (+/- 10%)
Water separator : Nominal flow 200 gal/min (751.1 lts/min)
Filter element : Element for water detection and particulate removal, 10 microns hydrosorb media
Energy source : Electric power supply 380 VAC, 3 phases, 50hz
flow meter capacity : 150GPM [567 LPM] at 150 Psi [10.5 Bar]





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