Test Bench

Bench test is used to measure the performance of starting motor and alternator mounted on the dump truck. Start motor performance and alternator will be seen from the parameters that can be seen from the Test Display contained at the top of the Test Bench.

Mainframe & Cover

The Test Bench Starting Motor and Alternator is use Square Hollow 40 x 40 x 30 as a main frame and plate 5mm & 4mm as a cover. This Test Bench is also equipped with silencers Gypsum level STC – 50 to reduce the noisy sound from the equipment.

Mainframe & Cover

Electric Control Panel

Electric control panel need power input 380 VAC/3ph, 50 hz from electric motor, the electric motor need to be adjust from speed adjuster to 7,5 kW. The electric control panel is also equipped with Digital display that will show Ampere, Valtage, Rpm and Torque.

For Starting motor indicator wil displayed Current, voltage, starting motor speed and Starting Motor Torque. For Alternator indicator dispaly will diplayed Current, Voltage, Alternator Speed and Alternator torque.

Electric Control Panel

Starting Motor Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket in starting motor equipped with several equiment with each function, such as:

  • Sliding table to move the Starting holder.
  • Slide Rail use Linear Bearing.
  • Acme Nut and Screw 30 mm to move bed.
  • Pillow block bearing to hold the Acme screw.
  • Standar die cast handle to round acme screw so that can be more ergonomis.
  • Universal mounting bracket.







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