Gas Scrubber

Gas Scrubber

Gas scrubber are designed to remove contaminants that dissolve in natural gas. Contaminants is contains dirt, condensates, oil and moisture which ensure high degree of purify Natural Gas at Filter Outlet with max flow rate 7640 m3/h at 7 bar.

There are two stages filtration process inside gas scrubber, multycyclone element process and coalesing process which can particulate removal down to 0.01 micron with efficiency 99.97%.

1. Multicyclone

Multicyclone elements are designed to separate solid and liquid contaminants from gas and have the following advantages :

  • Absence of moving parts
  • Reliable operation under temperature uo to 500 °C
  • High efficiency
  • Stable pressure drop value
  • Simple maintenance
  • Wide range of application

From flow rate 7640 m3/hr @ 7 bar, the multi cyclone process with 50 ppm contains of condensate can removed 382 kg condensate per hour. Installation of cyclone tubes is fixed between two tube sheets. Gas will enters the cyclone section and then enters each cyclone tube, where fast spinning and result from this centrifugal action moves the liquid droplets and/or solid particles to the bottom of the vessel, and the cleansed gas will streamed to other section of gas scrubber.

2. Coalescer

Coalescer are designed for treatment of liquid and gaseous medias and separation of solid and liquid contaminants from the process stream. Separation of liquid contaminants in coalescer is affected due to the ability of filter element to coalesce liquid aerosol particles of fine diameter into larger droplets (0,3 – 0,6 micron) and to drain these droplets into the sump system. There are 3 types best choices of coalescing cartridge element from Parker Hanafin, 6CU, 6QU and 7CVP, each type have different efficiency and media types (see on attachment).

Coalescing cartridges are worked out for liquid and gaseous media processing, where fine treatment is required. Coalescing cartridges will capture particles contaminations from gas and accumulated on filtration material surface. Superfine mist of lubes or moisture, contained in gas, is captured due to movement of the stream around the structural of pore layer. As filtered flow goes thru several layers of filtration material with further increase of pore diameter, mist particles reach droplet size and move inside the layer from inside down under gravitation force. As particles quantity increase, gas permeability of filtration media goes down, thus filter cartridges have to be replaced.

Process Gas
Process Gas : Natural Gas
Flow Rate M3/hr : Max 7640 @ 7 bar
Operating Temperature °C : 50
Operating Pressure Bar g : 12.4
Specific Gravity : 0.66
Flow of direction thru filter element : Inside to outside
Vessel Orientation : Vertical
Design Data
Design Rule : ASME Section VIII Division 1
Third Party Inspection : YES
Design Temperature Bar : 17.9
Hydraulic Test Pressure Bar : 1.3 x Design Pressure
Pneumatic Test Pressure(N Gas) Bar : 1.3 x Design Pressure
Design Temperature °C : 93.3
Radiographic Test % : 100
DYE Penetrant % : 100
Other Test : -
Fabrication Data
Body Material : SA 106 Gr B / SA 516 Gr 70
Head Material : SA 106 Gr B / SA 516 Gr 70
Internal Material : SS 304
External Bolts & Nuts Material : SA – 193 – B7
Cover Gasket Material : 0.66
Nozzle Flange / Pipe Material : SA – 105
Internal Coating & External Coating : 100 – 150 Micron Epoxy Phenolix Interline 850 – International Paint
Gas Inlet(Inch) 6
Gas Outlet (Inch) 6
Vent (Inch) 0.5
Drain (Inch) 0.5
Pressure Relief Valve : Con 1” Pressure range 2 – 20 kg/cm2 – ST.ST.304
Differential Pressure Gauge : Con 0.25" Pressure range 0-60 psi – New Flow
Level Gauge : Con 0.5" C to C 300 mm – New Flow
Ball Valve : ½”
Drainer : Con 1” – Mechanical Drain Armstrong
Filter Element Data (Optional)
Type : Parker 6Q – U51 – 280
Dimensions : OD 6N/ ID 4” Length 28”
Quantity : 3
Rate Flow : 7640 m3/hr @ 7 bar
Micron Rating : 0.01 Micron
Filter Media Material : Celulose
Coalescing Efficiency : 99.97% - 0.3 to 0.6 Micron Aerosol
Coalescing Filters : 0.008 Maximum oil Carryover





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