Diesel Fuel Filtration Module

Vessels are designed to be used in bulk fuel storage, fuel dispensing, fuel transfer, and large engine applications. Pre-Filter Vessel set up as a particulate filter (RVMF), is designed to remove solid contaminants such as dirt, rust, scale, and other solid materials from a hydrocarbon fuel stream down to two microns. Coalescer and water separator Vessel set up as a filter / water separator (RVFS) will remove emulsified free water and solids from diesel fuel, gasoline, and other hydrocarbon streams. When equipped with filter / water separator filters, water can be drained and removed from the RVFS sump.


Length : 1300 mm
Width : 1000 mm
Height : 2750 mm
Gross weight : 500 kg
Preliminary filtration : RVMF-3 with HFP - 44610
Final filtration : RVFS-3 with caolescer (HOCP-44801) and water separator (HSP-44410)
Max flow rate : 285 LPM
Suction and delivery horse : 2 inch ID
Flange connection : ANSI Flange 2" #150RF
Packaging : Rigid and light frame







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