High Capacity Fuel Filtration

High flow applications need not suffer with high maintenance... and Racor offers a range of ultra-high capacity, highly efficient fuel filter/water separators that also deliver spin on convenience.

As you'd expect, Aquabloc II media is standard, and all units provide flexibility in options to customize and meet specific operating conditions.


Fuel Filter / Water Separators with Integrated Priming Pump

The Racor 700 Series is equipped with state-of-the-art fuel pumps with DC motors. The 12V roller-cell fuel pump offers the benefit of an electric on-demand priming pump. In the 24V brushless version, the motor shaft directly drives the gerotor, creating a unique, positive displacement pump.

The gerotor has fewer parts than gear or vane pumps, and the sensor less control technology of the DC motor make this product the most reliable filter and pump assembly on the market. The 24V pump assembly is ideal for tough on-engine applications. For off-engine mounting, the 12V pumps are a more economical alternative.

How it works

The 700 Series pump/fuel filter water separator assemblies are two stage filtration and re-priming systems. These complete fuel management systems isolate contaminants present in diesel fuels and traps them prior to reaching the fuel injection system, protecting the engine's fuel system from costly and premature failure. Product benefits are :

  1. Aluminum filter head with integral mounting bracket and four ports (2 inlets and 2 outlets) with 7/8"-14 SAE O-ring threads.
  2. 100 micron pre filter screen.
  3. 12 volt or 24 volt electronic priming pump.
  4. Vent valve to purge air during fuel priming.
  5. Replaceable Aquabloc?ll spin-on element.
  6. Reusable, see-thru collection bowl.
  7. Self-venting water contaminant drain.
  8. Water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor/detection probe.





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