Transtank manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of portable, self-bunded (double wall) fuel storage tanks, lubricants storage tanks and fuel equipment worldwide. Transtank offers a total fuel equipment solution, from the manufacture of fuel equipment through to assisting with transport and installation on site.

Transtank specialize in containerized, self-bunded (double wall) diesel, gasoline, oil, waste oils and lubricants storage tanks and associated pumping and dispensing equipment. Transtank provides a comprehensive range of equipment for mobile, onsite refueling.


Transtank's self-bunded / double wall portable tanks are fully compliant and minimize impact to the environment. Transtank self-bunded / double wall equipment is designed to be inter-modal.

That is, our equipment is designed in accordance with the ISO dimensional requirements for shipping containers. Portability is the key design feature of Transtank equipment. Rail, road or sea, Transtank equipment can be easily mobilised to site.

The Transtank range of hydrocarbons storage equipment solutions are designed in accordance with the requirements as specified in the Australian Standards AS1940-2004 and AS1692-2006, and UL 142 and ULC S601 approval in USA / Canada and SANS10131-2004 in South Africa.

Transtank has manufacturing facilities in Parkes NSW & Perth WA and an international manufacturing facility in Qingdao China, and have international operations in Canada & South Africa.

Portable Cubes


Transtank cubes are a range of self-bunded tanks that are designed for stationary storage. Their heavy-duty design means they are ideal in arduous on-site conditions and the baffles allow for transportation when full of liquid. Coupled with a fuel transfer pump, these are ideal for fuel dispensing or simply stacking and storing.

The Transtank Cube range is robust and designed to be relocable full of liquid. If you are looking for an economical option for static storage please contact us.

Product Advantages
  1. To be able to receive, storage and dispense hydrocarbon fluids to remote places on and off the working project site.
  2. To be able to receive and dispense hydrocarbon fluids with a nozzle.
  3. Allows for record of amount of fuel diesel dispensed via on board flow meter and while dispensing the hydrocarbon fluids is been filtered.
  4. Self bunded storage tank (double skin) avoids any additional bunded storage. Just leave it above flat ground floor.
  5. The main tank has been fitted with a tank breather / vent and or extension pipe.
  6. Over fill alarm indicates and warns the operator to stop for filling.
  7. The pump bay has been fitted with a spill containment area.
  8. The main tank and leaking storage have been fitted with dipstick for periodical inspection.
  9. 2ea man holes on top of the tank for ease of maintenance.





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