Fatigue Sensor

Fatigue Sensor

Driver Fatigue early warning system MR688 is developed by Hao Nai Industrial Co., Ltd. It uses automotive-grade image sensors, which capture infrared images of people, and a Pentium II high-speed digital signal processor for digital image processing and analysis. With its advanced non-contact mode and algorithms, it ensures that driver will be warned promptly when fatigue occurs to protect life and property.

MR688 has an attractive appearance and a small size. It is less than one third size of a 4.3-inch Navigator and will not block the driver's vision. With A universal rotating base it is easy to install and adjust. You can put it right above of the dashboard, or in the middle of the instrument panel. MR688 is looks like a camera, but it is an integration of high-end infrared cameras, microprocessor, memory modules and alarm system inside. All components can work between -45 degrees to +85 degrees and the key devices are available packaged in super small size package with automotive-grade BGA standard. All devices are lead-free. It passes CCC, UL and FCC. MR688 has more than 10 patents. Our company is the leader in making standard for similar product in Chinese market.

MR688 Applications:

Fatigue Sensor

MR688 Functionality :

  1. Driver Fatigue Alarm

    MR688 uses unique pupil identification technology to detect the pupil's changing characteristics, analyze the eye's fatigue condition, accurate early warning for real fatigue.

  2. Driver Looking Around Alarm

    When driver looking around or not concentrate on the road, MR688 will make alarm to remind drivers.

  3. Detect Vehicle Speed

    MR688 has a built-in GPS speed detection module, can automatically detect vehicle's speed.

  4. Over Speed Alarm

    Customer can set over speed via the hand setting instrument or data collection box, when vehicle is over speed, MR688 will make alarm.

  5. Advanced Fleet Fatigue Management
  6. Output Driver Fatigue Signal or Image to Fleet Management Center

    MR688 can connect with customer's GPS system and send the in-time fatigue signal or image to fleet management center.

  7. Flexible Solutions for Your Business Needs

    We have three versions to meet different customer's need, optional accessories for higher requirements.

  8. Over Speed Alarm

    When MR688 alarm, the vibration controller in cushion will shake to wake up drivers.

  9. Insurance Solutions





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